Who We Are

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We complement the role played by private-sector financial institutions and have been in service since 2004.
At ASSET INTEGRATED FINANCE & CAPITAL LTD. our mission is to help support and develop sustainable businesses through low rate financing options, advisory services and indirect financing, with a focus on innovative technologies and small-medium sized enterprises. In most business startups, purchases or expansions, loan financing is a major source of funding required to take the business idea from the concept stage to the implementation stage.
Life is unpredictable at the best of times. Regardless of the stage of your  business, if you follow the very simple procedure detailed hereafter, you will obtain a very quick response .In addition, ASSET INTEGRATED FINANCE & CAPITAL LTD. is proud to work with the support of our Capital-risk experts to provide funds to borrowers with poor credit levels. We fully understand that circumstances can change. This is the point where we are different from other traditional lending firms and banks.
So far ,we have helped over 43 small-medium companies get back on their feet. That’s why our funding terms/conditions gives you the flexibility to budget, low interest-rates in order to pay off what you can  afford on monthly, quarterly /yearly basis as best will suit your financial needs.
Also Pacific-Quay Finance1 (1)costs are known in advance to give you sufficient time to plan and adjust. We are of the believe that responsible use of our investment funds  can help people with poor credit to rebuild their credit rating successfully. Borrowers with damaged credit can trust our services to understand their needs and to help them succeed, regardless of their past.
We also offer Debt Consolidation as a way to cushion these bad debts. The consolidation of debt would involve pooling together all of the loans you are currently paying down. By consolidating these bills, it would be possible to make just one monthly payment that applies to all debt instead of trying to
This not only simplifies the process but can often ease the monthly burden as well, thereby empowering you to take back control with streamlined payment process and decrease in monthly expenses. When money’s tight, you only need pay off the minimum amount, and when you can pay off more, you can too.
With ASSET INTEGRATED FINANCE & CAPITAL LTD., entrepreneurs and business owners have the peace of mind that comes with having an experienced, knowledgeable and committed adviser in their ventures. That’s why we provide free resources and advice to help innovative entrepreneurs and small-medium business owners maximize the potentials of their company both in the short term and long term financial plans.

 We’ve taken this progress global.

ASSET INTEGRATED FINANCE & CAPITAL LTD. is the world’s leading marketplace exclusively focused on businesses — more than £1.3bn ($2bn) has been lent to 15,000 businesses in China, Hong Kong, UK, USA, Germany, Spain and the Netherlands and Asia. Today, businesses can borrow directly from a wide range of investors, including more than 40,000 people, the government, local councils, university and a number of financial organizations.